2nd Chance by James Patterson

2nd ChanceI’ve just finished reading 2nd chance by James Patterson.  I’ve read quite a lot of his books and never found one I’ve not liked, so I knew I was going to enjoy this. 

The book is the second in the Women’s Murder Club series of books which follow a homicide detective called Lindsay Boxer, and her group of friends – a medical examiner, a reporter and an assistant district attourney – as they work together to solve a murder case.  It is nice to have four strong female characters in the story as the concept is a bit different from other crime books.  However I felt that their parts, outside of the main storyline, could have been developed further to make you care about the characters more.

The book is made up of lots of very short chapters – it gave me lots of opportunities to put the book down to get some sleep, however, it was such an easy read that I found myself turning to each new chapter thinking, ‘well they’re so short…why not read another’.  Luckily there were three clear sections and so I did manage to spread it over three nights so I could get up for work the next morning!

On the whole, I’d recommend the book as a good solid crime thriller that keeps you turning the pages.  Don’t expect a literary masterpiece but it’s a great bedtime read if you like crime fiction.


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