Photography Lessons

I’ve got 2 Fuji camera’s (S7000 and a F10) and registered them on the Fuji website a few months ago.  I discovered the website had a forum and monthly competition so started posting some photo’s on the site.  It’s been good to share some pictures instead of just storing them all up on my computer.

Last week I also discovered that some of the other members have started some informal, just for fun, competitions.  Last week we were set a challenge to learn more about DOF (Depth of Focus) and to take a photograph of 3 mugs one behind another, in a line, 12 inches apart and to get them all in focus.  I haven’t really done much with my digital camera and got to know what half the buttons do, so it was a great way to start learning. 

This is my attempt at the DOF task.  The white balance isn’t quite right, but I decided it actually looked quite good in a sort of off white colour!

Top Cat

George's Mug Shot

My cat, George, was a little less impressed with me playing with mugs though as you can see from this photo!

This week’s competition is all about shutter speed and movement.  We had to take a photo of a ball in motion.  It took me quite a few attempts to get this one.  First of all the shutter speed was so slow that the ball was totally invisible bar a very faint streak! 


Sea HorseI’ve also joined a few others from the Fuji site on a Flickr group where each week we have a competition to learn some photo manipulation skills.  This week, given just a photo of this seahorse we had to use our imagination and manipulate and use it in a photo or picture.  I had so much fun with this – it was great to have a play with a photo I’ve taken and learn some more about photo editing.  The result is below.  Lots of people have left me some really good feedback on it and even asked if they can use it for Christmas cards!

Underwater Christmas


One Response to “Photography Lessons”

  1. Helena Says:

    Love the seahorse Santa! What a cute idea.

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