IBM awards Marwell Zoological Park with an IBM On Demand Community Grant

IBM has awarded Marwell Zoological Park with an IBM On Demand Community Grant.  The IBM On Demand Community Grant scheme provides money to eligible community organisations where IBM employees are actively volunteering.Grant Cheque

I applied for the grant for Marwell last year and was delighted that IBM accepted my nomination. I have been a volunteer at Marwell for the past 2 years and spend anywhere between 7-25 hours a month helping at the zoo educating the public about the animals and science and conservation in general. The grant will go towards sponsoring the Marwell monthly e-newsletter  and will help Marwell to continue in its aim of improving public understanding, awareness and care of wildlife and the environment.

I love animals and helping at Marwell is the perfect opportunity to share some of my skills in the community whilst getting some fresh air at the weekend.  Volunteers at Marwell can get involved with all sorts of activities including guided tours, education, shows and even face painting!  I spend most of my time at the zoo talking to the public about the big cats.

I find helping at Marwell very rewarding and I am proud to be contributing to part of their work.  Marwell is much more than just somewhere for the public to have a day out – it helps to contribute to the conservation of the world’s biological diversity through the breeding of many threatened and endangered species, and through programmes which help protect and conserve wild species in their natural habitats in the UK and overseas.

There are lots of ways you can get involved, not all of which take up time.  You can become a volunteer like me, sponsor an animal from just £20, take a team challenge or even join the Marwell Weather Lottery


2 Responses to “IBM awards Marwell Zoological Park with an IBM On Demand Community Grant”

  1. davidlind Says:

    I bet they really appreciate a volunteer who can obtain grant money!

  2. 50 Years of IBM Hursley « Helena’s Blog Says:

    […] Skills and Creative Meetings, donated some laptop computers and presented Marwell with a IBM On Demand Community Grant which sponsors the Marwell e-newsletter.  My colleagues at IBM are always teasing me about […]

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