ITIL – IT Service Management Certification

I’ve just come back from three days staying up in London and doing my ITIL IT Service Management Certification.  I’m very glad to be back home and have decided that I only like visiting London for pleasure and would definately not enjoy working up there full time.  It’s far too busy and stressful.

I arrived at the course location about 8.30am after having to get up at 5.30am…glad that I’d got there with no problems.  Little did I know, as I walked into reception to discover my booking on the course hadn’t actually got through and they weren’t expecting me at all.  I’d already paid for my return train fare and two nights hotel – in total around £250 so I wasn’t best pleased.  Luckily, after a stressful 30 minute wait the receptionist came to tell me that there was a no show and I could have their place.

I found a lot of the material very familiar as I’ve been doing the job now for 2 years.  However, some of the terminology we use is slightly different and that actually meant I had to swot up on alot over the three days ready for the exam.  There seemed to be a lot of acronyms (which you’d think I’d be used to from working at IBM!) to learn in one of the sections and I found the finance section all new as I don’t have to deal with that at work.  The most useful bit right now was the IT service continuity planning piece as I can apply that right away when I get back to the office.

So I passed all the mock papers but found myself making one or two silly mistakes as the questions weren’t always worded very well.  When it came to the real exam I took my time, and made sure I read everything about 4 times and I think I’ve passed okay but I’ve got to wait a couple of weeks for the results.


One Response to “ITIL – IT Service Management Certification”

  1. davidlind Says:

    Good job! Definitely.

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