Snow Leopards at Marwell

Lovely sunny day today so I popped up to Marwell Zoo for a spot of photography.  I was really lucky to get some great shots of the snow leopards today.  In the past they’ve either been near the wires, or the glass has been wet or smudged or iced. 

I took around 300 shots so it took me rather a while to decide which to upload to Flickr but these two are my favourite:

Snow Leopard

Big yawn


2 Responses to “Snow Leopards at Marwell”

  1. different4me Says:

    Oh my god, it’s me in my hotel!!!
    I look just the same…bored and yawning!

    Seriously good pictures there. I hope they have a nice big cage though

  2. Helena Says:

    Hehe yes they have a huge great big new enclosure that was built last year at a 6 figure cost after much research! Animals are priority at Marwell…it’s not just a visitor attaction. 🙂

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