IBM Hursley Photo Club trip to Marwell

I arranged a trip to Marwell Zoo for the IBM Hursley photography club today.  It turned out to be a great day.  There were about 13 of us that went, the sun was shining and between us we took thousands of photos!  You can see mine in my Marwell Outing Flickr set.


 We headed down to the new Australian biome at Encounter Village first as I knew it would be quieter before lunch as the rest of the public made their way to the far end of the park.  The Kookaburras were posing, as usual, on the rails by the walkway.  This one was keeping an eye on the door to the enclosure and kept trying to make a bid for freedom every time someone left!

After lunch at Tiger Junction, everyone split off alone or into smaller groups to visit the rest of the zoo.  I headed down to the back of the house to see some of the smaller monkeys that I don’t usually visit and through the Lemur World area. 


The new lemur walk-through area was shut so I couldn’t get into their enclosure, but they all seemed to be sleeping tucked away out of the sun anyway.

Found some very cute baby ducklings playing in the penguin pool.  One of them kept climbing up the rocks and then shooting down the stepped waterfall!

I’ve got to try and decide which three photos to upload now for the IBM competition.  I’m a little disappointed by some of the results after the snow leopard shots I took a few weeks ago but I’m sure I’ll find three to upload.


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