Volunteering at Marwell

I’ve been contacted twice in two days about volunteering at Marwell Zoo.  Seems that a few people recently have found my name after reading about the Community Grant cheque that I was able to award Marwell from IBM and got in touch!

Volunteering up at Marwell Zoo is a perfect hobby for me – I get a bit of fresh air and exercise on my weekends, get to spend the day with the animals for free AND give a little help or information to others which hopefully makes people’s trip to the zoo more memorable and helps to raise public awareness of conservation issues.

There are lots of different volunteer duties that people can get involved with – from helping in the education centre to train driving.  I can normally be found located near one of the big cat enclosures talking to the public about the animals and answering questions. Some of the most common questions I get asked tend to be about any animal babies that happen to be in the park – what are they called, where do they come from, how long are the animals pregnant for…etc.

People are always shocked to learn some of the facts about the animals – particularly that there are thought to be fewer than 30 individual Amur leopards left in the wild.  Hopefully, through the research programmes and education that zoo’s around the world help with, we can make a difference and try to preserve these fascinating animals for future generations.


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