Getting ready for my holiday

Just in time managed to pick up a book on Orlando that a friend from work recommended – Brit’s Guide to Orlando and Walt Disney World.  They produce a new one every year with some good tips about what days to visit what, what order to see things in once you’re at a park as well as lots of general tips about Florida.

We’ve also managed to check in online with British Airways and choose our seats.  We’ve managed to book the bulk head seats so we’ll have more legroom – brilliant!  We’ll have to look out for internet access in Florida so we can do the same coming home.  Now we’ve checked 24 hours ahead of flying it feels much more relaxed…less worrying about getting to the airport in good time to try and get a good seat.  Should just now have to go to the fast bag drop rather than standing in a long line. 

We have decided to drive down and stay the night at my mum and dad’s house tonight.  They’re on holiday but I’ve got a key.  It means we’ll only be about a 40 minute drive from the airport and can avoid all the Monday morning rush hour on the motorways which is good.  (Mum and Dad – thanks for the hotel!)


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