Monday – The airport, flight and arriving in Orlando.

Arrived at Gatwick in good time thanks to missing the traffic.  We found out fast bag drop check in fairly easily…and also found a queue!  Admittedly, it was no where near as long as the real check in queue so we did save ourselves time and hassle checking in online but it wasn’t exactly fast like the name implies.  At least we had our seats sorted.

Once on the plane we were delighted (!) to discover that we were sitting next to a baby and thought we’d been wrong to pick the extra leg room.  Luckily, it only got a bit upset on take off and landing and slept the rest of the time so it wasn’t a painful trip.

I watched the film ‘The Holiday‘ on the plane.  It is a romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black.  A nice easy film to watch with some funny moments – okay so it’s a girls film and had a fairly predictable happy ending, but it passed a couple of hours of the flight.

Arriving at Orlando airport it took us quite a while to get through all the security checks and customs.  You have to have your fingerprints scanned on arrival these days and it seemed to take even longer to get through.  Typically, we managed to pick the slowest moving queue at first, but eventually gave up and swapped to another and got through much faster. 

Went down and picked up our rental car – once you had checked in with the rental company it was a case of just selecting which one we fancied from the carpark!  They were all in rows with the keys in the car ready to go.  We picked a black Chevrolet – many of the cars were silver so we though a black one might be easier for us to spot in theme park carparks!

Found our way out of the airport okay and headed off to Kissimmee following the instructions to the villa.  One thing we should have read in the guide before we left was that not all of the ‘change given’ toll booths are always open, so we struggled at one of the toll booths which only wanted 50 cents when all we had was dollar bills!

It took us about 25 minutes to get to the villa and it’s in a nice quiet area, but just located off the 192 which is one of the main roads leading to Disney etc., so it should be handy to get everywhere.  The villa is a bungalow with 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, kitchen, dining room, 2 bathrooms and a lovely outdoor screen area with a private pool.  It won’t take me long to try that out!


One Response to “Monday – The airport, flight and arriving in Orlando.”

  1. davidlind Says:

    Beth and I stayed in a nice hotel right next to Sea World when we were down there. Actually we have stayed there twice. It was within walking distance and we enjoyed it a great deal. Sea World is one of my favorite places and we will have to go back now that I am taking so many pictures.

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