Day 2 – Wednesday: Universal Studios

Today we decided to go to Universal Studios as the Busy Day Guide that came with our book recommended that today was a lighter day for crowds.  Stef wanted to go and see if the Back to the Future Ride was still there as he remembered that as being one of his favourites when we went many years ago.  Unfortunately the ride had gone just last year and they are building something new in its place.

ShrekWhen we arrived they let us in early, but not all of the rides were open so we headed to Shrek 4-D first.  It was good fun – a 3D show with extra elements of surprise including a sneezing donkey!

The Men in Black Alien Attack ride was quite good fun.  You drove around in a vehicle shooting aliens with a gun and at the end you got given your score – mine was fairly poor!

Next up we headed over to Jaws, which was pretty cheesy but good fun. The Revenge of the Mummy Alien Attack ride was a scary but fun rollercoaster that went backwards and forwards. I’m glad we didn’t have to queue for it though as it was very short.

We went on most of the other attractions but the other two that I thought were good fun and worth a mention were Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast and the Animal Actors on Location show.

More of my photographs from Universal Studios can be found on my Florida Flickr set.


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