Day 3 – Thursday: Sea World

It is our third day and we decided to go to Sea World today. Lots of people said we would probably need a day break between some of the big parks but it seems to be working out well leaving about 3pm and spending a few hours in our pool when we get home. After all, we’re only here for 2 weeks and want to make sure we don’t miss anything!

We checked out the map and park times to see when the shows were and then went first towards the Kraken rollercoaster and the Journey to Atlantis water coaster. The Kraken was the first of the big rollercoasters we’ve been on this holiday and Stef wasn’t overly thrilled about going on it – but I managed to persuade him to ride it twice!

Clyde and Seamore
The Journey to Atlantis got us thoroughly soaked, and so we headed next to the first of the shows – Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island which was a fun show starring two sealions and a giant walrus!

While at Sea World we also saw two other shows. Firstly, the Blue Horizons show which featured dophins, whales, birds and acrobats performing in air and water.

Believe Show
Secondly, we went to see the famous killer whale, Shamu, in the Believe show. We saw lots of killer whales and it was a good show. Just before the big finale with Shamu they let a killer whale family with new baby out into the show pool. It was the first time mum, dad and baby have swum together and it was fantastic to see. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to go back to their main pool and that left one of the trainers having to ad lib and tell us alot about the animals instead. It was good that there was such a strong conservation message throughout the park and although it meant we didn’t see the end of the show, I’m glad that they put the animals wellbeing first.

There were lots of other animals at the park including a manatee rescue area, a shark tunnel and a arctic area with polar bears and penguins. I love animals so I think it was my favourite of the parks we’ve been to so far.

More of my photographs from Sea World can be found on my Florida Flickr set.


2 Responses to “Day 3 – Thursday: Sea World”

  1. davidlind Says:

    We love this park. There’s our old friend.

  2. Riding the Manta at Sea World « Helena’s Blog Says:

    […] Sea World.  I won’t write much about the park as I’ve already written about it in my blog previously.  From year to year the parks don’t change too much but, as with any park with […]

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