Day 5 – Saturday: Shopping and Medieval Times

Time for a break from the theme parks today! We decided that they might be busy on a Saturday and that we could do with a lie in. Instead we decided to go to try out one of the big shopping malls. We’d picked up a leaflet for the Florida Mall a few days previously and it seemed to have a lot of shops listed. I really wanted to make the most of the fact that it is easier to get shoes in my size in the US.

The mall was laid out on one floor with a few large department stores – Macy’s, JCPenney, Saks and Sears – and a lot of smaller shops. It seemed very quiet and not at all like I had been expecting from going to malls in other parts of the country. A lot of the smaller shops seemed to be quite speciality stores and disappointingly we didn’t really find anywhere we wanted to spend much time at.

In the evening we had booked to go to Medieval Times which was just down the road from our villa. We’d found a great discount coupon in one of the free brochures that are dotted around everywhere offering $10 off per person for an early booking. There were a lot of coupons around, but most only offering about $4.

On arrival we got presented with crowns and discovered that we were in the court of the Blue Knight. Once seated around the arena our serving serf introduced himself and got us drinks. Then the opening ceremony began with the King and his daughter, the Princess, greeting us before the Master of Ceremonies ordered the trumpeters to open the show.

Throughout the evening we were entertained by various tournaments and shows from the knights and other horsemen. We watched jousting and battles and cheered along as our Blue Knight won favour with the King and Princess. The food was delicious – We had garlic bread and soup to start, followed by chicken, ribs and potato, with a pastry dessert. (All of course eaten in true medieval style without cutlery!)

The evening was very cheesy but so much fun and you couldn’t help but get drawn in to the atmosphere. I’d certainly visit one again.

More of my photographs from Medieval Times can be found on my Florida Flickr set.


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