Day 7 – Monday: Typhoon Lagoon

We went to Typhoon Lagoon today. A colleague from work told me that you could go snorkelling with some sharks which sounded cool. We arrived at the park only to discover that the real opening time was 10am, and that only Disney hotel guests could get in at 9, so that was rather annoying as it meant we had to kill some time. It wasn’t worth driving all the way back to the villa, and we didn’t have a book or anything to read with us, so instead we drove along to Downtown Disney. It too, was shut until 10am, but at least it was a pleasant place to go for a walk along the waterfront. We spotted a family of baby ducks, and also an otter!

Hammerhead Shark
Once back at Typhoon Lagoon we headed first to the Shark Reef where you can snorkel through a tank filled with tropical fish and sharks. It was very cold and quite small, but the baby hammerhead sharks were cool!

Next up, we headed over to the Crush ‘n’ Gusher which is a water coaster where you ride rubber rafts up and down hills and turns. It was lots of fun, but advisable to sit high in the raft or your bottom got quite a bruising on some of the landings!

There were lots of other water slides and a lazy river where you could float around the park. Right in the middle of the park was a massive wave pool – reportedly one of the largest in the world. Every few minutes a huge crash could be heard followed by a huge wave which came crashing across the pool.

Typhoon Lagoon was really worth a visit. We found it to be quite quiet on the Monday we visited and we didn’t have to wait for any of the slides. There was quite a lot of sandy beach areas where you could relax on loungers too if you wanted, but we just had a lot of fun and then left mid afternoon to relax back at our villa.

More of my photographs from Typhoon Lagoon can be found on my Florida Flickr set.


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