Day 11 – Friday: Shopping and Old Town

Decided to have a day shopping and relaxing away from the parks today.  At 10am we headed up to the Mall at Millenia which is the other big mall in the area.  It seemed a nicer mall than the Florida Mall we visited the other day, and had a lot of luxurious designer style shops.  Unfortunately, nothing we were really looking for so we didn’t stay for long.

We also visited the Orlando Premium Outlets shops which had a variety of all sorts of shops.  I was pleased to find a whole selection of shoe shops…as I find it so hard to get shoes in my size back in England.  However, I was unsuccessful in finding any I liked mainly because it being Florida they were full of flip flops and sandals and not much else!
In the evening we visited Old Town which is an area of speciality shops and evening entertainment.  We watched a couple of mad souls brave the Old Town Slingshot which is a huge great catapult bungee – not for us – and then wandered around the shops.

Stef found an old memorabilia shop and bought himself a Wizard of Oz and an Elvis lunchbox.  I think he might have quite happily bought up half the shop if he hadn’t realised we’d have to carry it back on the plane!


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