Day 12 – Saturday: Epcot

Spent today at Epcot – first visiting the park in the morning, and then returning in the evening for the Illuminations: Reflections of Earth show.

We had deliberately left Epcot until near the end of our holiday as hadn’t had such good reviews about it, and thought that if we got too busy it might be the one we missed out.  There were a couple of really good rides there, but we weren’t really interested in the World Showcase area.

Epcot was definately worth a visit though for the Soarin’ ride.  You glide in chairs in front of a huge screen which takes you flying over California parks and forests.  It was extremely well done, and we’d have ridden again but the FastPass ran out quite early and we didn’t fancy the wait queue.

The Mission: SPACE ride was also very well done.  You are put into a team of 4 people and each given a role onboard a space shuttle.  Once on the ride, which is a motion simulator centrifuge, you get to feel some really G-force as it simulates you taking off and travelling to Mars.  Unlike other simulators I’ve been on this one was really clever as you really felt like you were taking off, and moving, but without the usual jolting motion you get on other simulators.

Epcot by nightWe returned in the evening for the Illuminations show which started at 8pm.  The show consists of some fireworks, fountains, music and a giant Earth Globe which floats across the water.  As it was Disney I was expecting the show to be amazing, but I was left a little disappointed.  I enjoyed the show but the fireworks were fairly average and I felt it wasn’t anywhere near as magical as the rest of Disney.

More of my photographs from Epcot can be found on my Florida Flickr set.


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