Day 13 – Sunday: Mini golf!

As it was our last full day in Florida, and we’ve now visited all of theme parks we decided to make the most of relaxing today.  We decided to go and visit one of the mini golf courses in the area for one final game.  I haven’t mentioned these in my blog’s so far, but we’ve visited quite a few over the last two weeks.  They make for a fun attraction after dinner!  Here is a run down of the ones we’ve been to:

Pirates Island
Pirates Cove and Pirates Island are both similar courses two 18 holes courses each.  They are both set out in a pirate theme with waterfalls, canons, and pirate ships.  Stef remembered going to Pirates Island when he was younger so we had to go back to see if it had changed!  Both were really nice, the music cheesy and fun and you could win free games for a hole in one.  The staff were really friendly and we visited these on more than one occasion.

Hawaiian Rumble featured a large volcano that blasted fire from its top every few minutes.  We originally went to try this one out as it also mentioned having an internet cafe which we thought would be useful when we wanted to check in for the return home.  Unfortunately, the internet cafe turned out to be a rather sorry looking PC stuck in a corner of the shop where you paid.  The lady in the shop didn’t seem to speak much English and seemed rather unfriendly compared to the other locations we’d been to.  All in all not one we’d recommend.

Feeding Time
Congo River Adventure was the nearest to our villa and its additional attraction was some baby alligators which you could feed.  It had two 18 hole courses and they were well laid out in a congo theme complete with a plane which had crashed into the side of a mountain!  Whilst playing your game of golf they also gave you an adventure trail with some things to watch out for – if you could find them all you won a scratch card voucher which for us revealed money off another game.


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