Happy Birthday Marwell Zoo!

Marwell Zoo is celebrating it’s 35th birthday this week!  To celebrate there are a lot of extra activities going on starting with the Big Food Safari that was going on today which involved lots of different local food stands around the park…some with some rather tasty samples. 

Amur Tiger
I was volunteering up there today and spent much of the day talking to people about the tigers.  We’ve currently got 4 tigers – a family group, Gamin (Dad), Yenna (Mum) and Ilya (Son) who at the moment still live together, with Zambar (his older brother) who lives next door.  Ilya’s sister, Nika, recently moved off to find herself a boyfriend…lovely news, although I was a little sad to see her go as I named her.  Fairly soon, Gamin will be moving back in with Zambar so that hopefully Ilya and Yenna might both find new mates and there might be more babies before long!  Zambar was originally rejected by his mother, and so he lived with his dad for a while previously, which will hopefully mean they settle back together fairly easily.


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