Painting a Tiger Enclosure

Lion FaceHad an absolutely amazing day yesterday.  I went along to visit the Wildlife Heritage Foundation (WHF) in Kent for one of their volunteer days.  The WHF is a charity who are helping to protect big cats from extinction.  Currently resident at their sanctuary they have lions, leopards, cheetahs, tigers and a serval.

Sniff the airAlong with 7 other volunteers I spent the morning painting a new tiger enclosure which is destined to be used by some breeding Sumatran Tigers.  With only around 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild, and so many still being poached every year, the species are at risk.   Two species of tiger – the Bali and the Javen – have already become extinct over the last decade and we need to do what we can to protect those we have left.  Painting a tiger house might not seem a huge thing, but the money saved in getting voluntary help instead of paying professionals all helps to look after these wonderful animals.

Snow LeopardAfter lunch we were taken on a guided tour of the cats with Mark Edgerley who is the CEO at WHF.  It was fantastic getting up so close to the cats, and we even got to stroke one of the tigers through the bars.  I managed to take quite a few photographs and plan to return fairly soon for one of their photography days. 

You can view some more of my photographs on my WHF Flickr set.


2 Responses to “Painting a Tiger Enclosure”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Right on. I wish I could of been there. Every little bit helps. Keep up the good work!


  2. Karen Says:

    A fabulous day! Anything that helps the big cats has to be worthwhile. Brilliant photos too.

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