The New Statesman

Last night we went to see The New Statesman at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton.  It’s the new play based starring Rik Mayall which is based on the TV show.  The show is set in Alan B’Stard’s office in Downing Street and consists of various dialogues between Alan and others.  The show has a lot of very up to date political references and Alan shows no mercy as he discusses Tony Blair, war, romance and how to get himself into the Trillionaires club.

There were some funny moments – although the audience laughed loudest when Rik and Garry Cooper, who plays Alan’s assistant, made a slight blooper and got a fit of the giggles.  Rik also threw in a few ‘local’ jokes and comments to the audience along the way which didn’t distract from the play but did gain an odd chuckle from the audience.  Overall, it was a quite amusing play, but not all to my taste.


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