Emsworth Mill Pond and Chichester Harbour

It’s been a long week at work this week as I worked 7 hours last Sunday thanks to a power cut which hit work, and I also got called twice this weekend.  So I decided I desperately needed some fresh air.  Having found it useful a couple of months ago, I logged on to the Walkingworld website. 
I wasn’t really looking for a long walk but I wanted to find some advice about somewhere pretty I could take my camera.  I did a search on their website and found Walk 3754 which was listed as a really gentle stroll around Emsworth Mill Pond. 

When I arrived in Emsworth I found the carpark fairly easily, but I was lucky to get a space in it.  Obviously a very popular place on a pleasant Sunday afternoon!  Parking on a Sunday is free which probably made it even more popular. 

The walk took me around the Mill Pond and along the Chichester Harbour.  About half way around the walk the path along the harbour changes, and is not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs, so that is where the walk turns.  However, I decided to extend it and carried on walking along Wayfarer’s Walk and Solent Way. 
New toy
It was very pleasant walking along the waterfront with lots to see.  There were a lot of people out walking, sailing, windsurfing and generally just enjoying the sunny weather.

Back alongside the Mill Pond I even found some baby cygnets which were fighting over a piece of weed!

I’ve uploaded the best photographs onto a Flickr set.


One Response to “Emsworth Mill Pond and Chichester Harbour”

  1. jerryjones01 Says:

    The Parking Regulations changed on August 1st this year.

    Next time you come to Emsworth, please check the ‘meter’ times ans costs.

    Although there appears to be ‘Free’ parking just off North Street.

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