Mottisfont – Kimbridge – Lower Brook

At last a sunny day!  I was beginning to wonder if there was going to be any summer this year.  As soon as I heard the weather was going to be nice for the day I logged on to the Walkingworld website to find somewhere to go.  Searching for a walk that would take a couple of hours, and hopefully be not too muddy after all the rain I found Walk 1839.

Through the fieldsThe walk started in Mottisfont and took a circular route along the Test Way and through Kimbridge, then along Monarch’s Way through Lower Brook, before heading back round to Mottisfont. 

We parked in Mottisfont Abbey carpark and headed into the village for the start of the walk.  The walk started along the Test Way and it was abundent with butterflies flying around. 

The walk took us through fields of cows and sheep, up and down hills and through farmers fields.  It also crossed the River Test and its distributaries on a few occasions meaning we got a nice variety of scenery and some really pretty views.  Great for me and my camera!


Despite the fact that it hasn’t stopped raining for about the last month, the walk wasn’t too muddy.  We did see a lot of evidence of flooding, particularly in some of the lower fields.  The sheep were picking their way around large marshy puddles but it did offer them a good drinking ground!

On route we stopped in Kimbridge for icecreams, but there was a nice looking pub called the Bear and Ragged Staff about a third of the way around, which we thought had we done the walk earlier in the day might have made a nice stop for lunch.

The walk circled back to Mottisfont.  Stupidly I had missed picking up the last page of instructions from the printer, but we had the map and the photographs that come as part of the walk directions so we could work out where we were supposed to be heading! 

Big horns

The very last step should have taken us round the village along the road, but we found a nicer marked path heading along the river and then through a field.  However, we were a little surprised to be greeted by these Highland cattle with their rather large horns!


2 Responses to “Mottisfont – Kimbridge – Lower Brook”

  1. Chris Tomkins Says:

    Looks like a nice walk. Shelley and I have done some of this in the past on another walk. The Bear and Ragged Staff is not bad as far as pubs go – but nothing out of the ordinary (although I haven’t been there for a little while). If you are looking for a good pub in the area check out The Malthouse Inn although be prepared for it to be busy on a Sunday lunch time.

  2. Monarch’s Way, Michelmersh and Braishfield « Helena’s Blog Says:

    […] a small part of the route with Walk 1839 around Mottisfont and Kimbridge (see previous blog entry here) and so someone wanting a longer walk could probably combine the […]

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