Dirty Dancing the Musical and London

Yesterday I went up to London for my birthday present from my mum.  We met up at the 4 star Copthorne Tara where we were staying the night as part of a theatre/hotel break.  The hotel was very nice, and located just round the corner from High Street Kensington Tube Station so very easy to find.  Our room, was on the 9th floor and therefore had a view, as well as being a quieter.  It took us a little while to find the bathroom light switch as it was on a panel marked ‘Bed’ – the panel marked ‘Bathroom’ was on the far side of the bedroom!

Red Telephone BoxesAfter we had checked in and had a cup of tea, we headed out for an early dinner before the show and found the Pizza Pasta Cafe just around the corner on Kensington High Street.  I had a very lovely, and generous, pizza topped with fresh chicken and mum had chicken in a champagne sauce with fresh vegetables.  The prices seemed quite reasonable (about £15 for 2 courses including a tip) and the staff pleasant enough.

After dinner it was time to head to the Aldywych Theatre to see Dirty Dancing the musical.  I had been looking forward to seeing this for ages and I wasn’t disappointed.  The show followed the film storyline more or less exactly, but they had added some extra scenes and songs in along the way.  The audience cheered when the cast said some of the famous lines like “No-one puts Baby in the corner” and when Johnny struted his stuff!  It has made me want to watch the film again this weekend!  Before going I wasn’t sure how they would get some of the songs in compared to having them as soundtrack, but they got some of the extras to sing them in the background during the scenes.  It was a brilliant show and one I’d certainly watch again.  This time the seating we got with our hotel break was in the stalls, and the only thing I’d change was to get seats in the Circle next time as I prefer to look down on the show.

Millenium BridgeThis morning we had breakfast in the hotel.  There was plenty of choice and I had some nice fresh fruit to counter balance the cooked breakfast!  After breakfast we headed out to the River Thames and walked over the Millenium Bridge to the Tate Modern.  We first headed up to the top floor to get a good view of the city.  We also managed to talk our way out to the members only area for a quick photograph as it was quiet!  We then had a quick look around the gallery.  I still find it crazy how some of the modern paintings do so well, especially those that just seem to be a ‘blank’ canvas in one colour or another.

Millenimum Wheel from St James's ParkNext we headed along the River and then to St James’s Park for a wander around the lake and a spot of lunch.  We were still rather full from breakfast though so we just had a fresh lemonade and a cake in the cafe by the water before heading back to catch the train home.


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