Chilbolton – Fullerton Station – West Down

Today we had our first barbeque of the year.  It’s really nice to be getting some British summertime at last and I hope it lasts for a few days as I’ve got Monday and Tuesday off work.

Snail lookout postNeeding to get out and work off some of the food, I logged onto the Walkingworld website again.  I decided that heading anywhere near the New Forest today would probably be busy, so I searched for a walk more Winchester way.  I found Walk 4295 starting from Chilbolton Cow Common, just a short way North West of Winchester.

Chilbolton Cow Common was a popular place to be, and there were quite a few families having picnics by the water and kids paddling in the stream.  As soon as we were off the common though, we had the place to ourselves, and only passed a couple of people out walking along our way.

Railway BridgeThe walk heads across farmland and through woods, passing along the Test Way and through Fullerton.  Some of the walk follows along the old railway lines and you can see the old railway sidings in places.  There were areas where the paths were very overgrown – great for views and wildlife, but not so good for our legs as we were wearing shorts!

The walk took us about 2 hours including stopping to take lots of photographs.  We fancied a drink at the pub in Chilbolton, the Abbot’s Mitre Inn, after the walk, but sadly it was closed at 5.30 when we got there.  So instead stopped off at the IBM Hursley Clubhouse for a quick and well deserved pint on our way home.


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