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Well I got a nice surprise this morning to discover that I have 7 photo’s currently in Flickr Explore pages, which makes a total of 11 that have now been in and out at various times.  These are photographs that some magic formula decides are ‘interesting’ based upon all sorts of things like who looks at them, who comments on them, what tags they have, how people come to find them…frankly it’s a bit of a mystery!  My Photos in Explore

I guess the thing I find strangest is that the photographs that I think ‘wow I’m proud of that’ have never made it, and sometimes don’t even seem to get many views, comments or favourites.  Yet others that I find quite ordinary seem to appeal to other people more. 

As well as the FD Flickr Toys Scout, which created the collection above, another Flickr tool is that of the Dopiaza Set Manager which allows you to create various sets of your photographs.  I’ve used it to create a set of my Most Interesting and a set of my Least Interesting, based upon the forementioned ‘Interestingness’ formula, which automatically gets updated every day or so.  I’d expect some of my newer uploaded photos to be less interesting as they haven’t had time for some many viewers, but that often isn’t the case.   And so it remains a mystery. 


2 Responses to “Flickr Explore”

  1. davidlind Says:

    You have done some wonderful things here since the last time I visited. Very nice. So you are skilled and have a great deal of knowledge regarding technical software issues.
    And can take great photos. I wish both sides of my brain were that well developed!

  2. Marlene (kadacat) Says:

    Congratulations on the Explore! I guess there is no sense in trying to figure out the formula – lol. Thanks for the comment on my blog re WW. Good luck with your own weight loss journey. It is a great program.

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