To fill or not to fill…that is the question!

With every other car I’ve had a traditional petrol gauge…they type with a little line that goes down and down until it hits red.  With my current car, an Audi TT, I have the traditional gauge but also a digital reading of the amount of miles of petrol I have left.  The digital one appears to be smart and work out how my petrol usage so I kind of expected that reading to be more accurate.  However, I have noticed that when I fill up my tank it usually reckons I have around 400-420 miles of petrol…and then when according to the traditional gauge I am at half a tank I only have about 50 miles left!  So I’m never quite sure which to believe.  I have carried on driving before with the ‘miles of petrol’ showing zero but still saying I’m not ‘in the red’ on the traditional gauge.  It’s all very confusing!


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