New Baby Somali Wild Ass

Yesterday I was up driving the trains again at Marwell. Many of the staff were either away or out so there was just three of us up there and they were quite grateful to have me around to help out. I got to have the transit train all to myself!

Baby SomaliThe highlight of my day though has to have been seeing the new baby Somali Wild Ass. She was only 2 days old and very sweet. Many people pass them by at the top end of the zoo, as they don’t look much different than an ordinary donkey apart from their stripey legs. However, the Somali Wild Ass is actually critically endangered in the wild and therefore the birth of another at Marwell Zoo is really good news. They are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity but Marwell has had quite a number of successes with their breeding pair over the last 11 years.


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