Friends of Marwell

I’ve recently been recruited onto the Friends of Marwell Interest Group.  This group meet regularly and are made up of staff, volunteers and annual pass holders of Marwell Zoo.  The purpose of the group is to share ideas and discuss issues particularly pertaining to things which affect the annual pass holders.  Amongst other things they arrange specialist talks, trips to other wildlife attractions and social events for pass holders of the zoo.

Tonight was my first meeting with the group.  It was an interesting meeting and we covered a lot of topics.  We talked about the programme of talks for 2008 and heard about some trips that are in planning.  We also got to have a look at some proposed posters for Marwell’s Magical Winter and provide some feedback about the different designs.  The Magical Winter sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun with ice skating, story telling and some other treats in store!

The next talk for this year is next week, and is being given by John Chitty, who is one of the Marwell vets.  I’m really looking forward to going along to hear that.  As a volunteer I do get asked questions related to the animals health and welfare – everything from diets to how you go about treating sick or injured animals, especially some of the more dangerous ones –  so it will be interesting to learn a bit more myself.


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