Get well Georgey

Sleeping GeorgeGot home yesterday to find my cat, George, asleep on the bed and looking a bit sorry for himself. By the evening he hadn’t moved and hadn’t even asked for his dinner. I tried to give him a cuddle and he gave out a bit of a yelp so something was obviously up. On closer inspection we found all his claws were bashed down, he had grease on his feet and a scrape on his hind leg. He wouldn’t even purr for us or eat one of his favourite biscuits stuck right under his nose so we got really worried.

This morning he seemed no better and so I gave the emergency on call vet a ring. The vet asked us to bring him straight down to see him. He gave him a good check up. He thinks that it is likely he has had a run in with a car, but luckily has escaped doing himself too much damage. He explained that had George been hit on the head or top half it could have been extremely serious, if not fatal. However, it looks like he has had a lucky escape and not managed to break any bones. He’s pretty bruised though and obviously in pain so the vet has given him some pain killers and antibiotics to help him through it.

A few hours on and he seems to have brightened up so the pain killers have obviously helped. He’s finally managed to eat a little too. I do hope he gets some more appetite back though or it will be hard work giving him his medication over the next few days!


3 Responses to “Get well Georgey”

  1. Chris Tomkins Says:

    Paw George (sorry couldn’t resist) – get well soon 🙂

  2. Anele Says:

    Awww, poor George. I hope he gets well soon! I know how you must be feeling. I have pets myself and one of my cats died being run over by a car.
    I’m so glad your George scaped!
    Get well soon, sweet George!

  3. davidlind Says:

    I see this happened about a week ago. Has he perked up since then and returned to his normal habits?

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