Half of 42nd Street

Last night I went with friends to the Mayflower Threatre to see 42nd Street which is a musical set in 1933.  It follows the story of a girl, Peggy Sawyer, who is trying to break into show business.  

The first half of the show followed us through as Peggy got a job as a chorus girl.  Right at the end of the first half, she accidently trips and falls into the star of the show, who breaks her ankle.  Peggy gets fired and the director comes onto the stage to apologise that the show can’t go on, and tells the audience we’ll have to get a refund.

After the interval, the bell rang to sound the second half… and then nothing happened!  After about 10 minutes someone came onto the stage to say they were having technical difficulties, and then after about another 20 minutes came back and said they had been unable to fix the problem and we’d have to get a refund or try and book our tickets.  Talk about life imitating art!

The costumes were nice, and the dancing was good so I did enjoy the first half, but not so much as to worry about rushing with the rest of the audience to try and find another spare seat before the show closes next week. 


2 Responses to “Half of 42nd Street”

  1. Mary Osborn Says:

    LOL You were there the same night as us. I thought it was a little slow and we will not be rebooking! Alas i will never know what happened to Peggy.

  2. davidlind Says:

    The show must (not) always go on apparently.

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