Out of Bounds (OOB)

Being a part of a number of Flickr groups for some time now I’ve seen many different techniques that others have tried with their photography.  Most of the time I like my photographs as natural as possible, and all I use Paint Shop Pro very infrequently.  When I do its only to crop or resize the photos, occasionally add a border or even more infrequently I have played around with curves to lighten or darken areas of a photograph. 

All that said, I do like to occasionally try out some of the techniques others have used.  I’ve tried cutout / selective desaturation and the Orton effect before now, but today I thought I’d try making an out of bounds (OOB) photograph.  I’ve often wondered about how you decide a photo would make a good OOB photograph.  I’ve seen many others do it very succesfully but it wasn’t until I saw this photograph which I took yesterday that I thought I had a good photograph to try with.

Anyway, so here is my first two attempts, alongside the original photographs:




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2 Responses to “Out of Bounds (OOB)”

  1. barbara Says:

    The rhino is a perfect example. Love his horn.

  2. davidlind Says:

    Interesting technique. I hope you will find time to do more experimenting.

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