Cheriton – Gander Down – Tichborne

Today was a lovely, sunny January day and so we decided to go out for a walk. We found Walk 3755 on the Walkingworld website which sounded like a reasonable length and had some nice reviews. 

CurvesWe set out at about 1.45 in the afternoon as the guidelines said the walk would take about 2.5 hours, and the light starts going about 4.30 at the moment.  The walk actually look us almost exactly 2 hours, so a very pleasant sunday stroll through the countryside. 

When you download the walks you get a set of pictures so go with the walking guide, and they all looked to be along trails or lanes so we didn’t think it would be too muddy.  However, quite a bit of the walk is actually through fields and there were one or two places where we had no choice but to go through the mud.  Nothing was impassable though, even in just my trainers, although I’d recommend doing the walk in drier seasons to others.

ShadowsI of course took my camera along, but didn’t feel there was as many photo opportunities as on other walks I have done.  The light was quite nice at that time of the day and I did have fun taking a couple of long shadow photos, but overall the scenery would have been prettier at a different time of the year.

There was a pub, the Flower Pots Inn, just along the lane from where we parked for those wanting a drink after the walk, but we just headed off home. 


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One Response to “Cheriton – Gander Down – Tichborne”

  1. Chris Tomkins Says:

    Sounds a bit disappointing – but what a great name for a place, Gander Down 🙂

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