Aspects of Love

For their Christmas present I took my parents tickets to see Aspects of Love at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton last Thursday.

Before the show we went to Buon Gusto for a meal.  The restaurant opens in the evening at 5.30 pm, and that seemed a good time to book so that we had plenty of time to relax and enjoy a meal before the show started at 7.30 pm.  The restaurant was quite small and had a nice atmosphere.  It was fairly clear that everyone else in there was doing the same as us – some had arrived around 5.30 pm, like us, and others around 6.00 pm.  I was glad we had booked to go earlier as it meant we were less rushed. 

I had pizza for my main course and my parents both had lasagne.  Then for dessert we had some of their homemade tiramisu and banoffee pie, both which were absolutely delicious.  The meal for 3 of us including drinks and coffee cost about £50 which I felt was quite reasonable.  I’d certainly recommend the restaurant and go again, and its perfectly placed for a pre-show meal as it is just over the road from the theatre.

Aspects of Love is a musical by Andrew Lloyd-Webber, but it is a different style than others I’d been to.  Rather than there being lots of separate songs throughout, it is more of a play that is sung.  There are a number of songs interspersed with the storyline, such as the well known, ‘Love Changes Everything’, which is sung with different lyrics in a number of places throughout the play.  The storyline is about an actress called Rose, and how she falls in love first with a young lad called Alex.  Alex takes her away to stay at his Uncle George’s villa, where she then also falls for George (played by David Essex).  The story follows their life and loves through 17 years, through to Rose and George’s daughter Jenny falling for her cousin.

I really enjoyed the musical.  It wasn’t what I expected in way of a traditional musical but I found that the effect of having the play sung was very powerful and you felt the emotion of the storyline throughout.


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One Response to “Aspects of Love”

  1. David Says:

    Sounds interesting. Such an amazingly talented man. I enjoy the way you describe your outings.

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