Godshill – Frankenbury – Castle Hill

Short HorseIt has been another beautiful, sunny weekend with the promise of Spring not too far off.  I do enjoy getting out in the fresh air and so we did Walk 3737 from the Walkingworld website. 

It was a lovely walk with some beautiful views of the River Avon and surrounding countryside.  The walk is just inside the northern end of New Forest near Fordingbridge, and so we saw lots of New Forest ponies along the way.  There were also a lot of farm animals including plenty of horses, sheep and some cows – there were even some very young baby cows which were really cute!

River AvonThe walk takes you up and down hills, through meadows and forests and so has a nice mix of scenery.  About half way round the walk the path takes you up and around Castle Hill where there are some really lovely viewpoints.  We reached there around 3pm which meant the light at this time of year set off the colours of the scenery beautifully.

Hillside ColoursParts of the walk were rather on the boggy side, and my new walking shoes certainly had a good trial.  I’m pleased to report they were very comfortable, albeit very muddy by the time we got back to the carpark!  I’d certainly do the walk again, and it would be nice to see it at a different time of year.


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One Response to “Godshill – Frankenbury – Castle Hill”

  1. Chris Tomkins Says:

    Looks like another nice walk worth trying out. Should have plenty of opportunity to do that now – provided I can get to the start!

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