Beaulieu – Bucklers Hard

Through the treesIt’s our 6th wedding anniversary today, and just like on our wedding day the skies were blue!  Although the weather has been dry we found the walk last week muddy, so today we opted for one which was on more solid footing.  So we chose Walk 2776 from the Walkingworld website.

The walk starts at the car park in Beaulieu village.  It’s quite a small car park and as the sun was out we found it full – luckily someone was just leaving as we arrived.  However, had the car park been full I believe there is also free parking at Beaulieu Motor Museum just up the road although it would have added a little extra onto the walk distance.

Woodland PathThe walk quickly leaves the village and continues along a well marked track alongside Beaulieu River.  After a short while you get a choice of two routes – one through the forest and one alongside the river.  The walk takes you along one and back the other route. 

Somewhere around half way there was a bird watch lookout point complete with hide which was open for anyone to go and use.  We had a quick look but there weren’t many birds up close at this time of year. 

After a while we reached Bucklers Hard which is an old ship building village.  There is a small museum there where you can learn more about its history.  Another possibility with this walk would be to start from Bucklers Hard and do the walk from here – there is a slightly bigger car park although I suspect both would be as busy in warmer months.

DonkeyAfter returning to Beaulieu we had a look around the village.  Some of the local donkeys took a liking to the smell of our icecreams and kept following us around!  The walk took about 90 minutes including stopping for photographs.  You could easily combine the walk with a visit to the National Motor Museum, Palace House or Beaulieu Abbey to make more of a day of your visit.

See some more photographs from the walk here.



3 Responses to “Beaulieu – Bucklers Hard”

  1. Mary osborn Says:

    Its a pretty walk and I like the fact that you can get into the village at Bucklers Hard with out paying the entrance fee.

  2. David Says:

    I am happy to see someone else who takes their camera with them when they walk. My wife tells me that takes away from the exercise. I tell her that it adds to it because without the camera there wouldn’t be a walk.

  3. Joan Cadman Says:

    Really it is rather useful post and I wish to read these techniques and even I will be having a go and appreciate your sharing such style of techniques please ensure that it stays sharing.

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