Marwell’s New Baby Leopard

This week Marwell Zoo, where I am a volunteer, has introduced their new baby Amur Leopard to the world.  She is a real beauty!  I’ve been awaiting this day since before Christmas when I learnt of her birth and I’m really looking forward to going up to see her tomorrow.  Amur Leopards are so rare – with less than 35 remaining in the wild – and so this birth at Marwell is a really vital part of ensuring the future of these animals.

The BBC news have featured her twice this week.  In the first of the videos, ‘UK Zoo’s precious leopard cub’, you can watch her having her first health check earlier this week.  In the second video, ‘Rare Amur Leopard makes public debut’, the BBC reporter takes you down to Marwell’s Leopard enclosure for a first glimpse of the new baby peeking out from her den.

This beautiful girl is yet to be named, and Marwell are asking for your help!  You can visit the Marwell website to vote for the name you like.  The Amur Leopard’s live in Eastern Russian and hence the names you can choose from are Russian:

Sofia – From ‘Sofia Alexeevna’, Ruler of Russia 1682 – 1689

Tatiana – From ‘Tatiana Romanova’ – Bond girl in From Russia with Love. Also from Greek meaning organiser or founder.

Maya – From ‘Maya Plisetskaya’ – Russian ballet dancer

Zhanna – Russian girl’s name meaning ‘Grace’

Kiska – Russian girl’s name meaning ‘Pure’ 

I hope to see her and take some photographs tomorrow…[edit: see the entry here for the photographs!]


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4 Responses to “Marwell’s New Baby Leopard”

  1. Beth Says:

    Hey, thanks for comment on my photo – hope you get to see her tomorrow cos she really is amazing!

  2. Chris Tomkins Says:

    Suerly Spot would be more appropriate 🙂

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