Photographs of Marwell’s New Baby Leopard

Yesterday I wrote about Marwell’s new baby Amur Leopard.  Today I was up at the zoo driving the trains so I made sure I turned up to work early and took my camera up to see if I could catch a glimpse of her before the zoo opened.  I was in luck!

Here are a selection of the photographs I took:
What's that?
Baby Leopard
First steps
Look Up
What's around there?


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6 Responses to “Photographs of Marwell’s New Baby Leopard”

  1. Marwell’s New Baby Leopard « Helena’s Blog Says:

    […] Blog « BWO … who?! Photographs of Marwell’s New Baby Leopard […]

  2. JoK Says:

    Wow thanks so much for sharing this with us. Greatly saddened to read that there are only 35 in the wild, why is such a creature so nearly wiped out?

  3. JoK Says:

    Have now checked the Marwell site and I know why they are so nearly gone. Man has so much to answer for!

  4. davidlind Says:

    Such a cute little guy.

  5. J Morgan Says:

    How did you get these photos, were you closer than normal visitors or did you just zoom in?

    Brilliant photos, I wish mine were like them!

  6. Helena Says:

    Thank you!

    No closer – Marwell have a lovely big viewing window where the cats come right up to the glass! No need for even a zoom.

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