On Thursday night I went to see the new musical version of Zorro at the Mayflower Theatre.  It’s touring around England before opening in the West End. 

The musical follows the story of a man called Don Diego de la Vega who left home when he was younger, but has returned to help defend his people against various injustices that are happening.  He also falls back in love with the girl he grew up with but she believes him to be a bit of a clown.  He disguises himself as the mysterious hero Zorro and the musical plays through various swashbuckling scenes until he overthrows the current leader. 

I really enjoyed the musical.  Some of the scenes were really clever – and some quite elaborate as the scenary during one of the fight scenes crashes to the ground!  It was nice that some of the songs were familiar – from the Gipsy Kings – and made you want to tap your feet along to the rythmn as the actors and actresses Flamenco danced on the stage.

I wasn’t sure how this story would work as a musical, but it really works well – with lots to see and good music and rythmn throughout.


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