The New Forest Otter and Owl Wildlife Park

Yoga Position 103We’ve got the week off work but today’s weather forecast seemed the most promising for getting out, and so we went to the New Forest Otter and Owl Wildlife Park.  Entrance is currently £7.50 but we had a voucher for one free entry.  It very cold, but the sun did pop out a bit so we picked a reasonable day to go.  The park was quite quiet as it’s school term time so we could have a fairly relaxed look around.

Snowy OwlThere are three types of otter there – the Asian Short Clawed Otter, North American River Otter and the Eurasian Otter. The Asian Short Clawed were my favourite though as they were so playful.  There was a huge family group who made a lot of noise considering their size… especially when it got close to feeding time!

There were quite a lot of different species of owl – unfortunately it was hard to get any good photographs through the bars.  Some of them almost looked animatronic rather than real as they sat so still and stared!

Scottish Wild CatsAs well as the otters and the owls, as the name of the park suggests, there are quite a few other animals there including Scottish Wild Cats, deer, muntjac, lynx, badger, polecats, mice, wallabies, stoat, fox and wild boar.  The wild boar there had a new family on the scene.

We stayed for one of the feeding sessions – the park have about 4 or 5 different feeding sessions throughout the day where a keeper comes along and talks a little about the animals.  Baby BoarHad it been warmer we might have stayed a little longer, but the cold wind kept some of the animals tucked up out of sight and so we headed home after about an hour and a half.

More photographs from the park can be found on my Flickr set.


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One Response to “The New Forest Otter and Owl Wildlife Park”

  1. David Says:

    Lovely animals. Lovely photos. I especially like the owl with that amazing face.

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