Staunton Country Park

Glass HouseThis afternoon the sun showed up and so I took my camera out for a walk in Staunton Country Park.  There are two main areas to the park – for £5.50 you can visit the ornamental farm, gardens and glasshouses, and for free you can wander through the 1000 acres of park and woodland.

PointyI started in the gardens and greenhouses.  At this time of year the gardens don’t have much to see, but you can see the area has been well cared for and I am sure will look delightful once the spring and summer flowers arrive.  I entered the large Victorian glasshouses where lots of cactus and other tropical plants were growing.  I believe that later in the year you can see the giant Amazon waterlily growing on the pond within the central glasshouse, but I’ll just have to go back to see that!

With mumI then wandered through the grounds to the ornamental farm.  You can get up close to the animals and touch and feed them, which is great for the children.  The farm had pigs, sheep, cows, deer, alpacas, hens, ducks, turkey, horses, donkey, llama, goats and various birds.  It was a great time to visit, as the pygmy goats had just had babies.  One of the pens was full of tiny, bouncy, cute baby goats – some as young as 4 days old!  They were a real delight to watch and so soft to touch.

PeacockJust as I wandered towards the entrance the peacock decided to put on a bit of a show, and so I got some nice shots of his feathers.  He was definately showing off for someone, but I suspect it was the female peahen that was around rather than me!

After a couple of hours I wandered over to the park and woodland area.  I didn’t have time today to wander along the many woodland pathways, but I did have a look at the Beacon and wander under the terrace overlooking the lake.

Under the terraceI had a really pleasant afternoon, and will definately go back again at a different time of year when more is in bloom.  There was so much to see there and I could have easily stayed another hour or so.

More of my photographs from Staunton can be found on my Flickr set.


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