Marwell Zoo‘s new baby leopard has now been named – Kiska – meaning pure in Russian. 

Since I took the photo’s of her on her first steps outside, she has got braver and bigger.  You’ll find all of my photo’s of her, tagged ‘Kiska’, here on Flickr, but here are a couple from today which made me smile.

One of her favourite pastimes is chasing her mum’s tail!
Playing with mum's tail

She came up right to the glass and sat for a while staring at us through the glass.
Close up

Tired after chasing mum.
I'm tired mum

Just as she was posing nicely and I went to take a photo, she decided it was a good time for a bath!
How about this pose


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2 Responses to “Kiska”

  1. ~Sue-Leigh Says:

    awww, super cute, Love the first and third photos
    rawr 🙂

  2. davidlind Says:

    Great. I really like the second one. The closeup. Really deep in thought there.

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