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Gatwick AirportWe flew out to Florida today on British Airways.  I normally detest flying because I feel so claustophobic in the seats with no legroom for those of us blessed with longer than average legs.  However, today was an exception.  Why?  Well, last year when British Airways (BA) had their sale on, we treated ourselves to an upgrade to Club World. 

After check our bags in at Gatwick airport we were able to use the BA business class lounge.  Instead of spending a couple of hours perched on some uncomfortable, hard bench surrounded by noise and screaming babies we were relaxing on a comfy sofa with a choice of breakfast foods and drinks on offer.

Flat bedOn arriving in the plane we were immediately offered champagne or orange juice whilst we settled into our seats.  There was so much room to stretch out and the chairs even changed to full flat beds.  I had a seat by the window facing backwards – a slightly novel feeling during take off and landing!  I found it slightly amusing that the first time I had enough room and was physically able to adopt the emergency landing position they tell you about during the safety briefing, we were told that for those of us facing backwards we should just remain seated upright with our arms across our chest!

The food is definately worth a note – the first time I’ve actually enjoyed an aeroplane meal.  I had herb baked cod and a lovely chocolate dessert.  Also during the flight there was a kitchen area available where we could help ourselves to everything from snacks, chocolate, fruit and drinks to hot and cold meals such as sandwiches, wraps and pasta.

Florida from the airSo okay it obviously costs more than economy travel, but rather than spending 12 hours either end of our holiday in hell I was able to relax immediately and felt much less stressed – it actually felt like part of the holiday instead of something I just had to endure.  We were treated much better and got through the necessities of check-in, customs, and baggage collection much quicker. 

It is also worth joining BA’s Executive Club even if you don’t fly too often – you get some nice offers, better deals and even one flight can rack up some airmiles towards another flight.  Going Club World means we’ve earnt more BA miles in our single trip and can now get a flight to Europe for free – more value for our extra charge. 

So all in all I’d say it was definately worth upgrading for a long flight… especially if you plan a little and book during the sale!


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