AquaticaOn Monday 28 April we went to try out Aquatica, Sea World’s new water park.  The first thing we noticed was that you had to pay for parking, unlike the Disney’s water parks.  As we entered the park it seemed nicely laid out with plenty of different things to see and do. 

We found the changing rooms and lockers quite easily and set about trying out some of the slides and attractions.  Although the attractions were named, and there were signposts around the park, we felt that the park could have done with some maps around.  Although we’d picked up a paper map on arrival and had a quick read we had of course left it in the locker while we went to get wet.

Dolphin PlungeWe headed first for the Dolphin Plunge – a transparent waterslide which took you right through the pool of Commerson’s dolphins.  The queue was already fairly long, but moved fairly quickly and gave us a chance to have a look around to see what was where once we were higher up.  The slide itself was fun, but you’d be lucky to catch more than a very fleeting glimpse of black and white as you shot through the dolphin pool!

Next we went onto Tassie’s Twisters – a waterslide where you rode an inflatable tube down a chute into and around a giant bowl before falling down a hole to the pool at the bottom.  The ride was a lot of fun, but again we had to queue some time.  The chute led out into Loggerhead Lane which was a lazy river that floated us around, providing glimpses into the dolphin pool and a tank of fish.

Loggerhead LaneThe Whanau Way chute’s were fun, as was the Walhalla Wave – both tube rides which you could go on with double riders.  Roa’s Rapids then sped us around a not so lazy river ride!

Overall we enjoyed the day but we didn’t stay as long as might have because the queue’s picked up.  Normally, Monday’s are a good day to go to the water parks, but obviously being new this park is more popular at the moment.


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4 Responses to “Aquatica”

  1. James Says:

    sounds great, i get scared of rollercoasters but never of slides!

    i have a giant poster of this place on my wall and i so want to go!

  2. davidlind Says:

    Sounds like fun. I enjoy your reviews of the places you go very much.

  3. varun Says:

    Nice work, especially the photographs are nice

  4. levivas Says:

    p.s. and very interesting photo

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