Jungala at Busch Gardens

White Tiger3Last year when we visited Busch Gardens I had been disappointed that the tigers were off show.  This year, Busch Gardens has just opened it’s new exhibit, Jungala.  Jungala now houses orangutan, flying foxes, gharials, gibbons and the one animal I headed straight for… the tigers!

Mixed Colour Tiger8The tigers were split into two large multi-level areas with plenty of excellent viewing.  Their exhibits are well laid out, with rocks, grass, waterfalls and pools for them to play in.  For the public, there are large viewing windows at various points, including one where you can see the tigers underwater as well as above land.  There is also a tiger lookout point where you can pop you head up into a domed area for very close up view.  Unfortunately, there was only one and it was up a ladder so a queue quickly formed and I felt that could have been better thought out.

Tiger3I really enjoyed watching the tigers being fed scraps of meat and playing in their pool.  I took rather a lot of photographs… as usual!  I do love Busch Gardens and seeing the tigers this year was great – so much so, we visited twice this year.

The rest of my photo’s from Jungala are on Flickr here.


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One Response to “Jungala at Busch Gardens”

  1. davidlind Says:

    This one on the bottom looks like she wants to dance. Thanks for the idea Helena. Not dancing. I mean the photos. The self portrait. I decided to do one too. lol.

    Except that mine is a little…..darker than yours.

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