The Wedding Singer

Last night I went to see The Wedding Singer at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton.  I love the film that the musical is based on, so when I saw the musical was touring before it hits the West End later this year I thought it would be fun to go see.

The musical follows the storyline of the film quite closely, with just a few minor changes to some of the characters.  The story follows Robbie,  played by Jonathan Wilkes, a wedding singer who has been dumped at the altar by his fiancée.  After being dumped he feels very low and anti-marriage so it makes for an interesting time trying to be a wedding singer.  Gradually he falls for Julia, played by Natalie Casey, who is a waitress in the location where he sings.  She however, is already engaged to someone else.  The story goes on, until Julia realises that she has feelings for Robbie too, and realises her fiancée is no good.  And so it all ends with a happy ending, thousands of miles in the air on an aeroplane with lots of ‘fake’ stars!

I enjoyed the musical, although I think I prefer the film.  Only one or two of the songs seemed really catchy – but I guess it may just be because it is the first time I’ve heard them.  All in all I’d recommend it, and probably watch it again, but having seen Mamma Mia last year, which was fabulous, I am struggling to beat it!


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