My Bank Are Having a Laugh!

About a week ago I went to pay a cheque into my bank account at the bank on site where I work.  As it isn’t my own bank I need a pre-printed paying in slip, and normally I carry a book of them around for the odd occasion I get a cheque, but I discovered I had run out.  So I called my bank who said no problem they’d get one sent out to me straight away. 

Today I got home to find a parcel had arrived for me… and to my great surprise I discovered that Barclays have kindly sent me 20 paying in books, each with about 15 paying in slips!  Just how many cheques do they think I pay in!?!  My last book lasted me years – with internet banking so easy these days people rarely even use cheques anymore.  At least it made me laugh.

Paying in

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One Response to “My Bank Are Having a Laugh!”

  1. Gabriel Peters Says:

    nice post. light but good.

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