Cotswold Wildlife Park

Young MaleOn my way home from Warwick on Friday I decided to make the most of the small gap in the clouds to get out and take some photographs.  I decided to stop at the Cotswold Wildlife Park as it was not far off my route home.

My first stop in the park was to find the big cats.  I knew they had lions and leopards and didn’t want to miss them!  I wasn’t disappointed as the two lions were both out and about posing.  They had a young male and a female.  The female decided to have a play with a piece of piping which was fun to watch.  She then called the male inside for a while and they came right up close to the glass so I got a good look.

B&W GrowlThe leopards were doing what cats do best and sleeping!  They both did put their heads up for a quick look around while I was there.  They had quite a nice sized enclosure and there are some big picture windows for you to view them from.  Unfortunately the glass had quite a lot of reflections on so I found the best way to take photographs was to climb up a slightly muddy slope under a tree and balance myself on a rock to take the photographs through the bars!  Luckily thanks to my new 70-300mm lens I was able to get some nice shots without the bars in.

Side onWandering further round past the camel and rhino I came to a walkthrough area with waterfowl and wolves.  I got some nice shots of the flamingo from the hide area.  The wolves were harder to capture though as all bar one were further away in a darker wooded area.  The one nearer the front was right up next to the fence and so although from above I could peer over and get a good view of him it didn’t make such a good angle for photos.

HenThere is also quite a good sized farm area where you can get up close to the animals and stroke them.  I nearly got bowled over by some sheep when I was coming out of the shed with the rabbits and pigs!  There were a large group of pygmy goats and they had some really cute babies that were just a week old.

Alongside the main house there were a number of primates and a large reptile house.  I tried to get some macro shots of the leaf cutter ants too but they were too fast for me!  There was quite an extensive collection of owls and birds but some of the paths around there were a little muddy and as it was a spontaneous visit I hadn’t got very sensible shoes with me so I didn’t spend long there.

Snack timeAround the front of the house they have a walled garden and tropical house.  They have obviously fairly recently developed a new Madagascan area where you could walk through with the lemurs.  I could easily have spent longer there but I run out of camera memory cards and it also started to rain.  It costs £10 to get in currently and isn’t too far a drive so I’m sure I’ll go again.  More of my photographs can be found here.



3 Responses to “Cotswold Wildlife Park”

  1. James Says:

    am very jealous, would love to visit there one day! lemurs are my favourite, good photos (as usual)

  2. natureheads Says:

    Hmm, I get the impression you quite like cats…

  3. Helena Says:

    I can’t imagine what gave it away! 😉

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