When my old Fuji beat my new Canon

Pocket WatchToday I decided to try something new and take some still life shots of jewelry and things around the house.  It was fairly easy to set up – I laid an old black skirt over a cardboard box for my black backdrop and picked a room where there was reasonable natural lighting.  No fancy set up or kit required!

I started out taking some pictures with my Canon 450D using both of the two lens I had, but the photographs just weren’t coming out very well.  Mostly they were not as sharp as I hoped.  

AttackSo whilst I had everything set up I thought I’d dig out my old Fuji S7000.  I have taken some great macro shots in the past with it (like the one on my homepage), so thought I’d give it a go. 

I was really pleased with the results.  Okay, so maybe the lenses I have for my Canon are not so good for macro shots, or that I haven’t quite learnt the art of using it them yet, but overall my Fuji far outperformed the Canon today.

The rest of the set can be vewied here.


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One Response to “When my old Fuji beat my new Canon”

  1. Agnesbarton Says:

    Wow, great work! The black backdrop is great (I never knew how to to make it work), but what’s really awesome is the lighting! Thanks for the tips.

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