We flew Easyjet to Madeira and back last week for our holiday.  Before going I was a little nervous as I absolutely hate feeling claustrophobic and cramped in small seats because I’m so tall, albeit for a relatively short flight of around 3.5 hours.  However, the cost of flying with a different airline doubled even for just economy, and so we went with them.

Easyjet do offer an extra service called Speeding Boarding which for about another £12 each way means that you get to be first to board the plane.  As far as I can see though they don’t limit the number of people who can choose that option, so technically the whole plane could have decided to pay for it!  We decided it was worth the risk for the price and the chance of getting better seats.

On the outbound flight you also get Speedy Check In… we got there to find about 5 families in front of us so it wasn’t terribly speedy, but it was a shorter line than the normal check in.  However, by the time Mum and Dad came to check in the Speedy Check In was decidedly slow!

When it came to boarding time we lurked as near the gate as possible and managed to get on the plane about first, so all four of us did manage to get the exit seats at the front of the plane and could stretch our legs out.  So then I could relax and enjoy the holiday.

Coming home the check in was terribly slow, and we seemed to pick the worst queue.  When we got to check in desk (almost an hour later!) we were informed the flight was ‘slightly’ delayed – about an hour, or so we were told.  That we discovered was clearly a lie as the plane hadn’t even left England at that point!  After we had gone through to departures the sign flashed up to say the flight was delayed and not expected until nearly midnight – so much for our 8.20pm take off! 

Slowly everything in the airport closed around us and there was still no sign of the plane.  We were given a free sandwich and drink, but there was little to do in the airport.  Then there was a tannoy announcement to say we should proceed through passport control to the gate… where we all stood in a long line moving for another 40 minutes or so!  Eventually someone appeared at the passport control and let us through to the gate.  Still no plane!

Once at the gate we once again joined the mass of people who had speedy boarding passes in the hope we’d get reasonable seats.  Somehow in the crush, the wander through the gate, waiting in the foyer and then crossing the road to the plane we managed to elbow our way along with everyone else and successfully got an exit seat again. 

Once aboard the cabin crew were really friendly and apologetic about the delay.  We eventually arrived home safely but some hours later than hoped.  All in all I wouldn’t call the experience ‘Easy’ by any means!  The stress of wanting to get a reasonable seat, delays and waiting in lines made the experience less than enjoyable.  I don’t mind not having the comforts of food and drink on a short flight, but given the choice I like to know I have a decent seat and I don’t mind paying a little extra for that pleasure.



One Response to “Easyjet”

  1. Paige Says:

    This is good to know. We almost booked with them for one leg of our long trip from Vancouver to Corfu but decided instead to fly via Athens and use Aegean Air to get from Athens to Corfu. Figured that at the very least, British Airways could get us to Athens and if everything went awry at that point, we could still get to Corfu using other modes of transportation. So it’s nice to hear that I made a good call. 😉


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