Jardim Botânico da Madeira

Covered PathWhilst on holiday in Madeira we went to visit the Botanical Gardens at Quinta do Bom Sucesso.  We caught the bus up from central Funchal, which was an adventure in itself. The bus hurtled up steep, windy streets barely wide enough to fit through!  I couldn’t believe that people still found room to park in places, and trust their cars would be safe.

PointyThe gardens only cost 3 Euro’s for adults, which is a really reasonable price for the amount there is to see.  The gardens stretch out up the side of the mountain and there are stunning views over Funchal and the coast.

We started near the top, admiring the view over the beautifully kept and colourful gardens.  Then slowly wandered down through the cactus garden, indigenous plants from Madeira and palm trees.  I could easily have spent hours there with my camera, but had to limit my photograph taking as I had limited memory cards on holiday! 

MulticolouredAt the bottom end of the gardens is an exotic bird park with Macaw, Cockatoo, Parrots and Lory birds.  I was pleased to get some reasonable photographs despite the aviaries having quite intrusive bars.  I had to be careful taking photos of one lot of parrots who kept flying right to the front of the cage and looking like they were within aiming distince!  I was also slightly amused to see an area with pigeons in – they didn’t seem so exotic!

Going down to Funchal in the cable carOnce we reached the bottom we climbed all the way back to the top of the park and took the Teleférico Jardim Botânico cable car up to Monte, and then the other cable car back down to Funchal.  The rides on the cable cars were not cheap, but offered stunning views and were worth a ride.

More photographs from the gardens can be found in my Madeira set here.


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  1. angelinaaahh Says:

    what great pictures! wow!

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