Cute babies at Marwell

Neither a pygmy hippo or an ostrich are the most attractive of animals, but the two new babies at Marwell certainly have the cute factor!

Wendy and Lola 4Lola, the new baby pygmy hippo, is already a television star after making her debut on the BBC news in this cute video just a couple of weeks after she was born on 13 November.  I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her when she was just about a week old, but now at just 5 weeks old she is getting quite familiar to making an appearance for her public! 

On Saturday she decided she might go for a paddle, but mum, Wendy, had other ideas and encouraged her in for a full blown swim. 

Baby Ostrich 4Just a little further along the South road at Marwell is another of Marwell’s babies – a young ostrich chick.  It is really cute, with its feathers just beginning to develop.  It was having fun on Saturday pecking at its food and wandering around its house.  It even came right up to knock on the window a few times as if to say ‘hello’!

Marwell is doing well for babies at the moment with these and also the birth of three dorcas gazelle in November.  It’s a great time to visit as the animals and it’s open every day apart from Christmas Day – a great way to walk off all the Christmas indulgences!



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